Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Day Off!

Over the weekend the Mister had a day off...so we went to the beach!  We started off the day with some much needed R&R, then we had lunch at Panera, and then decided to make the trip to the water.  It's was kinda chilly so we didn't stay long....just long enough to get wet, take a few pictures, and have a candy apple!

Mister and Neish headed toward the water

Neish, Mister, and Daddy in the water

Momma hanging back....it was cold!

Mister running from the waves

Getting some sun

Mister and Me

It was pretty breezy...someone was flying a kite

Headed out to exfoliate our skin ;)

Our little friend!

It was a good day ;)

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Mrs. Williams said...

Thanks for the advice. I'm going to log onto there tonight. Have you used it?
I would love to live close enough to the beach how fun is that?? Not any beaches here or near the Dallas area-ha!

Neish said...

I'm glad you didn't put the embarassing videos up! I guess you ate my candy apple that I didn't mean to leave.