Sunday, August 8, 2010

Training Camp Pt. 1

Since Elisia is still in Houston dealing with things with the house my Daddy and I are going to support the "Mister." I told Elisia that I would be her guest blogger for a day since I was filling in for her at the stadium.

It was a beautiful day outside, nice breeze, sun shining, and training camp has begun. My dad woke up very excited for camp. He was so excited that we would leave at 2 so that we could go and get the car washed before we headed for the stadium. Training Camp was scheduled to begin at 3:45 and we had about an hour drive. (Which means we really didn't need to leave at 2.) But we did!

The night before, I read through all of the rules and regulations as well as the directions for the family and friends of the players upon their arrival at the stadium. So when we arrived, I knew where we were going, but of course he tried to tell me otherwise. So we checked in at the friends and family tent and interns proceeded to drive us around to the practice field where they had a tent set up with water, Gatorade, and seats. And right at 3:45 the players began walking on the field. I turned to my left and there he was an angel, like Angels in the Outfield. He kneeled down in the End Zone before he stepped in between the lines and prayed; he was the only one. At that moment I was so proud to be his sister in law!

As noted on the itinerary for the afternoon, warm up and stretches began at 4:00. After that the offense and the defense separated for drills. This was the first time in 2 years that I had seen "Fufi" (that's my nickname for him) back on the field. I was so excited but nervous as well. As expected, he did awesome! Practice was like clock work... no time for water breaks or chit chat nothing but running, throwing, and catching. (Of course they had time for a few squirts here and there.) The last drill was at 5:20 and at 5:25 they stopped for conditioning and cool down. And at 5:30 he was headed to the locker room. On his way, he got a chance to stop, say hello, and take a picture. Overall, he looked good, felt good, and can't wait for the first game. We thank God that Fufi has made it this far and that we know He will continue to guide him through the remainder of Training Camp.


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