Thursday, August 12, 2010

Road Trip!

Last week my Mom and I went to Dallas to visit some of family.  It's funny that I live so close to family but rarely get to visit them and just hang out.  We probably make 4-5 trips to Dallas every year but it's always for something specific and the trips are so rushed.  Our family isn't huge but large enough that it's hard to get everybody together.  Aunt Karen lives in Atlanta, my Mom lives in Boston,  Uncle Harold lives in on one side of Dallas, and Aunt Princess lives on the other side of Dallas.      

My mom, Cousin Brandi, Diva, and Aunt Karen

My mom, me, and Aunt Karen

Cousin Brandi, my Mom, Uncle Harold, Aunt Karen

Mommy and I spent 5 days hanging out with "la familia".  We did all of the things families do: we ate, stayed up late talking and laughing, played with all of the babies, and took lots of pictures.  Unfortunately, I was not the one doing all of the picture taking.  These are the only pictures I have from the trip....but they'll definitely go down in the Memory Book for Summer 2010!

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